We believe in giving artists the power to perform. No matter the situation.

The curtain may be down in our theaters, but our stage can be anywhere. Sparrow was founded to give artists and audiences a platform to come together, regardless of circumstance or geographical location, where audiences can experience incredible live performances and artists earn a fair wage for the beauty they work so hard to create.

During this period of standstill during the COVID-19 pandemic, one thing has become ever more apparent - artists need to have more opportunity to perform, and get paid for it. We're all stuck in our homes, with a seemingly endless number of contracts being cancelled or postponed. As a classical tenor, I have been impacted personally. It's easy to fall into a rut, get out of performance practice, or be paralyzed with fear over the uncertain future. Sparrow Live was created with one goal in mind - keeping our artistic community alive and thriving. Even though we can't be physically with the audiences that we love - we can still keep connected, we can still be creative, we can still bring beauty into this world together - and we can do it in a way that makes it possible to pay our bills and keep doing what we love to do.

The current crisis has only highlighted what we've been missing all along: a platform for live artists to reach beyond their local audiences, to share their art with the world, to democratize live classical music with modern technology. Our premise to start is simple - you host a live stream on the service of your choice (provided that you can get a private or unlisted link for that performance). You plan your performance, give us the details of your stream, and let us know what your ticket price is through an easy to fill out form. Along with you, we will promote your concert on our social media channels as well as to our growing database of performing arts lovers on our website and mailing lists. With your support, feedback, and artistic contribution, together we'll build something special for the next generation of music lovers. Planning a performance and getting paid for it should be simple - our goal is to make it that way.

I hope you'll join us in our vision to create a platform that gives artists the ability to create incredible performances, have audiences from all over the world see and hear them, and get the recognition and remuneration that they deserve.

Early adopters are needed - for those who would like to host a concert, we'd be happy to do the first 50 at cost (our share would be only what it costs to run this). Please set up an account and fill out the new concert listing to get started! And for any questions - email us at


Fran Rogers


Sparrow Live

Photo by Claire P on Unsplash


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