Until we meet again, meet me on Sparrow Live

To my fellow music-lovers,

I miss you. I miss performing for you, and experiencing live classical music performances with you. I miss the smell of polished wood in opera houses and concert halls, the sight of a heavy curtain, the hum of a whole orchestra tuning, the chest-rumbling resonance of a dramatic soprano, and the clash of a cymbal. I miss the collective intake of breath as the conductor raises his baton, and the euphoria when the music swells. I cannot wait to return. And I have no doubt that we will return. Nothing can replace live music - not for artists, and not for audiences. But. Until then…

We need to find a way to keep our connection to one another alive and well, so that there is something left to return to. Sparrow Live was founded with one objective - to foster human connection through music with nothing separating the artist from her audience. Sparrow Live’s mission is to democratize access to the arts by connecting artists with their audiences through high quality experiences. Our vision is a barrier-free relationship of equals between artists and audiences.

During these moments of physical distancing, Sparrow Live becomes a destination for discovery; in the past you might have relied on great halls or houses to discover talent, now you can explore artists for yourself. You can bring the most talented, inspirational artists into your home, free from the constraints of geography, of finding a babysitter, of overpriced champagne. You can introduce your whole family to performances and expose the next generation to great music. You can visit your favorite concert hall or opera house and see your favorite artists as you’ve never seen them before.

In planning this year’s virtual Met Gala, Peter Gelb, the Met’s general manager, chose a live stream rather than a pre-recorded performance, as was done with other recent virtual performances. According to an article in the New York Times, he preferred “something closer to the danger and thrill of the Met’s stage, where you never know whether a singer will overshoot a high note or land it with sublime precision. “That’s what makes opera so special,” Mr. Gelb said. “We’re living on the edge.”

We look forward to sharing that edge with you on Sparrow Live.


Fran Rogers

Co-Founder and CEO

Sparrow Live

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