Black Friday Artist/Ensemble/Company Offer

If you join us on Sparrow Live and sign up for a performance at this link between 12am on Black Friday (11/27) and 11:59pm on Cyber Monday (11/30) using the referral code "BLCKFRDY" we will waive our commission (including the $100 minimum) for your first concert and you will receive 100% of the net revenue from that performance. 


Note: With a few exceptions listed in the FAQ's below, if you sign up earlier than Friday we will not be able to honor the promotion.


If you're interested in reading more about what people are saying about Sparrow Live, you can learn more in Opera News' recent review for "A Concert for Equity in the Arts". 


A few FAQs that might be helpful as you decide:

  • If you have management that you'll need to bring into the process - and are wary about committing to a performance without looping them in, no worries. As long as you connect me with your management at this email address anytime between now and 11:59pm on 11/30 (Cyber Monday) - we will honor this offer.

  • There is no time limit on how soon your performance needs to be. However, we can only allow one date change while still honoring the current offer.

  • We strongly recommend that you work with an engineer. Not only will you get a much higher quality stream and audio - but you'll end up with recordings that (if you sell enough tickets) you'll get paid for instead of having to pay for. If so, we are happy to help you find an engineer within our preferred (both in terms of trust and pricing) network.

  • We do give you the option of having the cost of the engineer and Sparrow Live driven sponsored marketing taken out of gross revenue so you can still enjoy no up-front costs for your performance. 

  • In order to self-produce, you'll need to run a 10-minute test with us to ensure that you are able to livestream a high quality performance (tech wise). If this test is unsuccessful in regards to our quality standards and you still choose to self-produce, you will get the chance to change what needs to be changed only 2 additional times in which we will still honor this offer. 

  • All of the details (venue, full list of performers, fully confirmed rep, etc.) for your performance do not need to be completely confirmed when you sign up - if you sign up during the promotional period and don't have all of the details we're happy to give you until 12/31 to finalize all of the information for your performance.

  • If you are getting this and have already listed a performance on the platform - if you sign up for an additional performance during this period we are still happy to honor this promotion for that concert.

We'd love to have you join us in our movement to democratize classical performance and help you have an even more fruitful, sustainable career - meeting your audience directly and more effectively having your artistic voice heard. Whatever stage of your career you're at - we're here to make sure you can perform and thrive artistically - no matter the circumstance.

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