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We are creating a new musical ecosystem that is vibrant and sustainable for all. 

Artists are at the heart of everything we do. We believe that if you support artists - enabling them to earn a fair wage for their artistry - that investment will pay dividends that far exceed a moment-in-time performance. By fostering a vibrant artistic community we aim to bring beauty into the world through performance.  If we value artists, and allow their artistry to be sustainable, they will repay that value tenfold through the joy that they bring us. 

Sparrow Live is a curated platform. While all artists are invited and encouraged to apply to perform, we review each of our applications to ensure that our audience has access to the highest quality performers and performances. At Sparrow Live, you can trust that you are going to see incredible music, no matter when you drop by. We invite you to discover your favorite talent from all over the world, in genres you already love and in those you didn't even know existed.

We see ourselves as next in line in the long tradition of bringing the power of music to as many people as possible. We use the best live streaming technology available to expand the reach of world-class musicians. We have built a vibrant musical community - a place where patrons know they will always experience wonderful performances - and we continue the accessibility revolution by making live music more equitable and accessible than it has ever been. 

Join the Movement - Change the Game.



Meghan Smyth
Co-Founder & CTO

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Jessie Neilson
Director of Artist Relations & Customer Success


Fran Rogers
Co-Founder & CEO


Kari Estes
Stream Lead

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