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Sparrow Live

For nearly three years we have had the honor to work with musicians from around the world to help them reach their audiences. Our mission was, and will continue to be, creating a way for musicians to realize a sustainable career outside of the predatory industry. 

Unfortunately, as a result of factors outside of our control, we are terminating operations. It was an incredibly tough decision to do so, but one we felt was the right decision on behalf of all of our stakeholders. 

We believe that a better system in music is not just possible, but inevitable. This core principle has guided us to this point, and will continue to guide us. 

The music industry needs to change. When label CEO's are earning $320M while the artist's who create content and drive growth earn an average of $25,000/yr, the system is broken. 

It may not be Sparrow Live that helps to usher in a new system. However we will continue the work of empowering artists in any way that we can. There's room at the table - and we believe that music is moving in the direction of progress.

Thank you for being a part of this movement. 

Fran & Meghan

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